Students' Life

Student Life in Our Montessori School


Our Montessori school offers a vibrant and enriching environment where students benefit from a variety of facilities and extracurricular activities that promote holistic development. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic student life at our school:


1. Library:

 The library is a central hub for learning and exploration, fostering a love for reading and research among students.


2. Sports and Physical Education

Our comprehensive sports facilities and physical education programs encourage students to stay active and develop teamwork skills.


3. Clay and Art Area:

A creative space where students can express themselves through art and hands-on activities with clay.


4. Computer Room:

 A state-of-the-art computer lab equipped with modern technology to support digital literacy and learning.


5. Assembly Hall:

 A large hall used for school assemblies, performances, and special events.


6. Park:

A beautifully landscaped park providing a natural environment for outdoor learning and play