Faculty and Staff Directory

Samira Ramzan- Principal

Ms. Samira Ramzan is a highly esteemed and dedicated Professional who is serving

the institute over three decades with unwavering passion and commitment. Throughout

her remarkable journey, she has demonstrated exceptional versatility, from teaching

Kindergarten to leading the renowned Fatimiyah Girls' School as its inspirational

principal. Her academic prowess is unparalleled, with a special forte in Mathematics and

English, and she continues to pursue her PhD, embodying a lifelong love for learning.

She has inspired countless students and colleagues alike with her enthusiasm,

visionary leadership, and unique approach to appreciation and motivation. Her

exceptional leadership skills have fostered a cohesive team environment, and her ability

to connect with people from all walks of life has made her a beloved figure in the

academic community.

Sumaira Khatoon- Secretary

Sumaira Khatoon is a highly respected professional, known for her confidence, warmth,

and expertise. With a strong foundation in computer skills, she has excelled as a

teacher and secretary to the principal, a role she has held for 15 years. Her exceptional

organizational skills, attention to detail, and dedication have made her an invaluable

asset to the team. Her warm personality and leadership abilities have created a lasting

impact on the school community, inspiring her peers and earning her a reputation as a

shining example of excellence.

Seema Naqvi- Admin Coordinator

Seema, holding an M.Ed degree, stands as an invaluable asset to the organization due

to her exceptional teaching prowess. Her expertise not only inspires students to excel

academically but also underscores her unwavering commitment to continuous learning.

Her proficient leadership and management skills extend to school administration,

enhancing overall organizational performance. Her profound dedication to education not

only influences students to perform at their best but also serves as a motivating force for

her coworkers.

Masooma Abid- Receptionist

Masooma Abid is a gifted and conscientious individual who approaches her work with

passion and dedication. She is a diligent individual who serves as an inspiration to other

women who may have had to pause their education for various reasons. Recently

completing her graduation, she is determined to pursue further studies. Her sense of

responsibility and devotion are evident in all aspects of her life.

Sukaina Kazim- Academic Head

Sukaina Kazim is an exceptional educator and leader, known for her confidence,

dedication, and passion for lifelong learning. She has risen from a teacher to Academic

Head at Fatimiyah, shaping the academic journey of many students. With a strong

educational background (B.Ed. and M.Ed.) and numerous certifications, she is a role

model for excellence in education. Her impact extends beyond the classroom, leaving a

lasting legacy that continues to inspire future generations.

Nermeen Mehdi- English Head

Nermeen Mehdi is indeed a remarkable individual, demonstrating both academic

excellence and a strong commitment to education. Her achievements in securing the

first position in her B.Ed. Honors program highlights her dedication and hard work. Her

passion for teaching, coupled with her evident leadership skills make meaningful

contributions to the field of education. Overall, her profile reflects a perfect blend of

academic prowess and a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the realm of


Rozina Akbar Ali- Social Studies Head

Rozina holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and is distinguished as an outstanding educator

recognized for her unwavering passion, interactive teaching methodology, and adept event

coordination skills. Renowned for her dynamic and engaging classes, she garners admiration

from students for her lively instructional approach. She assumes the role of department head,

guiding and inspiring her colleagues with her leadership.

Syeda Afshan Mehdi- Urdu Head

Syeda Afshan Mahdi holding M.Ed. degree is an experienced educator with a vast

teaching experience. Through various professional development programs and courses,

she remains committed to aligning herself with modern demands to make teaching

effective and enjoyable. She strives to maintain students' interest in the Urdu language

while also prioritizing their education and character development. In addition to guiding

students, she assists her colleagues in teaching matters, acting as a facilitator in

addition to her role as a department head.

Siddiqua Imran- Science Head

With a Master's degree in Science and two decades of teaching experience, Siddiqua exemplifies

dedication and proficiency in her field. She brings enthusiasm to her role as a science educator,

advocating for inquiry-based learning methods. She constantly explores innovative approaches to

spark curiosity and foster critical thinking in her students. Her expertise in lesson planning

includes adeptly catering to differentiation needs.

Shabina Damani- Academic Coordinator

Shabina Damani is a compassionate and creative educator, whose vibrant teaching style brings

joy to the classroom. Possessing both a B.Ed. Honors degree and a Montessori diploma, she

brings a rich blend of knowledge and innovation to her teaching practice. She excels at

promoting inclusive learning environments where every student feels appreciated and

empowered. Her ability for incorporating creativity into lessons and adapting pedagogical

approaches to accommodate different learning styles ensure that students remain engaged and

motivated throughout their educational journey.