FC Leads

Syed Mir Syed Vice Principal Fatimiyah Boys' College
Syed Mir Syed holds an M.Phil in Education, an M.Sc. in Geography, and an M.A. in History and Pakistan Studies, with a Ph.D. currently in progress. With 19 years of extensive experience in the field of teacher education, he has been instrumental in shaping the academic and administrative frameworks of various educational institutions. Currently serving as the Vice Principal at Fatimyah Boys College, Syed Mir Syed is known for his dedication to fostering a supportive and challenging learning environment. His expertise and leadership skills have significantly contributed to the college's academic excellence and overall development. Passionate about education, he continues to inspire both students and faculty through his commitment to lifelong learning and educational advancement. 

Ms. Sukainah Hasnain Vice Principal Fatimiyah Girls' College

Ms. Sukainah Hasnain is currently pursuing her Ph.D. and holds an M.Phil. in Education along with a B.Ed. With 15 years of dedicated experience in the field of teacher education, she has made significant contributions to academic development and instructional leadership. As the Vice Principal at Fatimyah Girls College, Ms. Sukainah Hasnain is committed to fostering an inclusive and stimulating educational environment. Her extensive knowledge and passion for education have played a crucial role in enhancing the teaching standards and student outcomes at the college. Through her leadership and vision, she continues to inspire both staff and students, driving the institution towards greater achievements and academic excellence.

Mr. Muhammad Hussain Bhojani  Academic coordinator- Fatimiyah College

Mr. Muhammad Hussain Bhojani holds an M.Phil. in Education, an MBA in Education Leadership, and an M.Ed., bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. With 13 years of experience in the field of teacher education, he has been pivotal in driving academic excellence and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Currently serving as an Academic Coordinator at Fatimyah College, Mr. Bhojani is dedicated to enhancing curriculum development and instructional practices. His leadership and strategic vision have significantly contributed to the college's reputation for high-quality education. Passionate about empowering educators and students alike, he continually strives to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment.