Punctuality and Regularity

    Fatimiyah Boys' Schools timings:

Unit Class Timings


FBS      Class III – X

            7.45 am - 1.50 pm



The School day on Fridays ends at FMS (all classes) 12:00 noon, FGS 12:20 pm & FBS 12:30 pm. If there are any special/remedial classes scheduled, a prior notice will be given to parents.


·         If the school remains closed on any weekdays due to unforeseen circumstances, the school will remain open on the following, or consecutive Saturdays of the month, a prior notice of which will be sent to parents.

·         Students who have been absent must bring a note recorded in their Daily Diaries by their parents/guardian on return to school.

·         Minimum attendance required is 959%. Students who are short of the required attendance may not be allowed to appear in final school examinations. However pre-approved leave by the Principal and medical leave as detailed below will not be counted.

·         A leave of absence on any grounds other than, medical shall require prior approval of the principal. Such a request should be submitted to the principal at least ten days in advance. Students who violate-non-approval of leave shall be marked as left and would only be allowed back on payment of a fine equivalent to twice the admission fees. Haj applications for Haj-e-Wajib will be given due consideration.

Ziarat of Leave

The criteria for the approval of Ziarat Leave during the academic days of school.

        i.            Last Grade of Mid Term/Annual Examination is not below 50%.

      ii.            Attendance is not below 90%.

    iii.            Ziarat Leave Application should be submitted atleast 10 days in advance to the Principal.

    iv.            The leave will be of not more than 15 work days However, the final discretion or number of days will rest with the Management, and will depend on the Academic Calendar events (Mid Terms /Assessments /PTMS /Sports, other events).

      v.            Students who violate non-approval of leave shall be marked as left and would only be allowed back on payment of a fine equivalent to twice the monthly fees.

    vi.            Re-Admission Test may also be taken; in case the students' last grade is less than 50%.

  vii.            Similar policy is applicable for other excursion leaves too.


·         In case of absence due to illness exceeding three days, a registered doctor's medical certificate should be submitted.

·         Students are not allowed to leave the School premises during school hours.

·         A student returning to school after an infectious/ contagious disease must produce a fitness certificate from a qualified doctor and acquire an approval from school's Medical Officer.